Throop, there I is.

Thanks to the design excellence and automotive auspices of the Ford Motor Company, I am in scenic Throop, Pennsylvania. Yes, this town is exactly what one would expect of a location named Throop.

Of course, this is not just another bellyaching session about my temperamental 1993 Mercury Sable, this is a chance to explore the suburbs of Scranton, PA. I had an extremely helpful towtruck driver named Joe who not only went out of his way to drop me off over here at a Mickey D’s but also gave me his home phone number in case I needed to reach him, or to dispose of my car. And then before dropping me off he apologized for not having any cash to give me to get a cup of coffee.

Now that’s good people. And no, I didn’t have the heart to tell him I don’t drink coffee. And you wouldn’t believe how rural Pennsylvanians react to a notebook computer and a handheld in a fast food restaurant… you would think I carried a bomb in or something.