miserable birthday greetings

Whew! After a long Labor Day weekend hiatus from updating this site, I have finally returned. Lots of new ideas, but oh so little time to upload them…

First of all, some poetry. A reflection on aging in general, and on my birthday in particular, courtesy of my good friend Jonathan Markle. (This was the text of the electronic birthday card he sent me)

24? Well, you have lived a third of your life. And the best third too. Anguish, misery, decay, and sorrow are all that is left. Embrace the slow road towards death. But until the icy hand of the reaper escorts you through the dark archway of your earthly demise, may good luck fill your days! Happy Birthday!

Ha ha ha ha! Well, if you didn’t find it funny, perhaps it was because you weren’t feeling quite as mortal and aged as I was… also, please picture reading it to the strains of a MIDI rendition of Hanson’s "MMMBop".