hugh downs

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a TV watcher, but one of my consistent faves since childhood has been 20/20. This, despite my great contempt for Barbara Walters.

The reason? Hugh Downs. A class act, he’s been in broadcasting for 60 years.


He retires tonight, and I will be sure to catch the show.

Admitting to being the world’s biggest geek, I remember being excited as a child because 20/20 moved from Thursday nights to Fridays, and since the show was on at 10PM, my mom would more often let me stay up that late on Fridays.

And then in high school, being an even worse geek, I would rush home from football games (no, I didn’t go for fun, it was because, being a geek, I was in the marching band) so I could watch the show.

Now I’m kind of embarassed.