a reply from Shaun Reilly!

Success! If you’ll kindly look back to 11 September, you’ll see that we had sent a message to Shaun Reilly, proprietor of ReillyBurger.com to congratulate him on his culinary achievements. The message we sent was as follows:

Mr. Reilly,

Upon reading the September 6 Boston Globe article detailing your prodigious accomplishments in the advanced study of caloric intake, we felt compelled to drop you a note of hearty congratulations.

We think it is fitting that the millennium has now concluded by coming full circle to its roots of pure, unrelenting gluttony. What you have endured gastronomically is nothing short of a beacon of hope for such would-be kings as ourselves.

Alas, fear is indeed a powerful deterrent.

The chances (real or imagined) of stomach rupture, heart attack, completely kidney failure and the like, have long since bound us to the minor-leagues of eating. The utter and profound lack of disregard for your body is truly inspiring, a rare plateau of excellence that was showcased by the 8 pounds of food which you so humbly and dutifully consumed in that deli.

With the exceptions of World War 2 and the birth of Christ, we hold this achievement as the single most important historical event of the last 2,000 years. Thank you for what you have given us, O great upholder of Bacchanalian ideals.

Jon Markle & Anil Dash

Now, my friend Jon had basically drafted the whole letter, but I was very pleased with it, and chagrined that we didn’t recieve a response… until now!

Here’s what he said:

Dear Mr. Markle and Mr. Dash,

I would first like to apologize for taking so long to reply to you very kind a articulate E-Mail. Things have been quite hectic with all the

publicity that has come from this event.

I would totally concur with all of your statements in your letter and

appreciate you recognizing the true magnitude of this historical event.

You are both true visionaries that will be very fortuitous in your


I urge you to tell others of this and to keep the dream alive of being able to consume 8-10lbs. of greasy food in one sitting. It is a lost art

and one that I feel should be rediscovered.

Please feel free to write to me and to let me know any progress you have made or any help you may need.

Also please feel free to check out my website at www.reillyburger.com to

see some more information on this. The site is far form complete but

there is nice working template for all those interested.

Again thank you for your kind words,

Shaun Reilly