Hershey's SAP mishap redux

Excuse me while I toot my own horn, or You heard it here first!

As I mentioned on 4 October, Hershey’s is having trouble with its SAP implementation, causing a shortage of chocolate during the busy Halloween season. Today, ZDNet has an article to the safe effect. And my logs show a visitor from the Wall Street Journal (provider of the article to ZDNet) the day before yesterday…

But I’m sure it’s Just coincidence.

Also, pardon my French, but "Au contraire, mon ami!" In Lake Effect, Dan mentions that I hadn’t considered that not having cell phones during their visit to Banana Republic will increase the sales from customers while at the store. While it’s certainly true that I didn’t write that in my entry below, I did realize what a clever method of removing distractions this was.

However, Dan made one critical error: He underestimated my laziness.

Never, never underestimate my ability to think of an idea and then be too damned unmotivated to actually type it up.

Although the ability to download maps leads me to the next question… can they beam you a business card with their address, phone, and hours of operation?