Shameless Search Engine Pandering

Lots of ideas these last few days, of course, as I’m in the process of moving and have neither phone line nor cable modem and, hence, no way to update this page…

Today begins "Shameless Search Engine Pandering", a new feature which is meant to wreak havoc with all the AOL Search users who visit this site.

You see, a disturbingly large percentage of visitors come to this site as a result of querying the AOL Search engine for such delightful fare as "Britney Spears Naked", "Ass Licking" and the ever-popular "Anal Chocolate". As a service to those visitors, who are undoubtedly unsatisfied with the current content of this site, I will be including even more misleading tags in my page to attract their attention.

It’s sort of cruel to do this to randy 12-year-old boys, I know, but I’ll take what little sad, sick, twisted fun I can get.