Fortunate Insight


When Matt Haughey first described his new site Fortuitous, which just launched two weeks ago, I was particularly excited because this is a new blog that’s actually downright necessary. You see, while there’s lots of “Ten Steps for Making Another Boring Web App” articles on Digg, there’s very little that’s written from the perspective of anyone who’s focused on community or content, and even less information that’s being shared by those who’ve actually made something that’s had enduring success.

It’s hard to take time to write this stuff up — I always intend to, and just end up being too busy to do it justice. (I haven’t been home for more than 3 days straight in about two months.) Other folks I talk to struggle because they’re in a part of the web world that’s more competitive, and they don’t want to give away insights to their competitors. But there are some bits of insight that seem small in retrospect that would have been a godsend if I were just starting up something new today, and that seems to be the area of Matt’s focus.

I helped a little bit with some editing on Living online, with web apps, and Matt graciously let me contribute a little bit to How to talk to the press, and what I realized is that I love sharing these little bits of information. I wouldn’t pretend that I’m an expert on these topics, and I am certain Matt’s not claiming to be one. On the other hand, there are some things you only learn through experience, and it’s about time those lessons had a home.