Et Tu, Spock?

Maybe I’m just a pushover, but I felt like there was something very charming and sweet about this video of a school project that I found on YouTube. It’s a restaging of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar that takes place on the bridge of the Enterprise during the time period of the original Star Trek series. Kirk as Caesar, Spock as Brutus, some Señor Wences-looking thing as the alien bad guy, and “We emptied out the garage” as set design. I love it! Especially since it features Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round”, which was released well before these kids were born. (And yes, Star Trek went off the air decades before they were born.)

I find it oddly reassuring that kids today, with access to iTunes and the ability to make (pretty decent-looking!) green-screen starfield affects at home, are also still clearly having fun making goofy home movies with homemade costumes. I sure hope their English teacher gave them an A.

If you wanna see more, check out the outtakes and bloopers.