Unsolicited Testimonials

This week I figured I’d try something a little bit different. I’m not usually one for product reviews, except for talking about different websites from time to time. But lately, I’ve been fortunate enough to find a bunch of really good experiences with various products and services I’ve used, so I figured I’d use my blog to talk about them.

(Note to marketers and PR people: See — bloggers really do talk about things positively, not just when they’re complaining! Also, don’t send me your pitches — every single one of these products and services is something I found on my own. And if you send me an unsolicited pitch about your product, I guarantee I won’t mention it.)

For each of these products or services, I’ll be offering up a brief description, an account of my experience, a list of gotchas to look out for, what it costs, and then some guidelines of how to judge if you’ll like it. These fall under the headings of What It Is, The Experience, The Gotchas, What It Costs and Recommended If You Like.

I’ll be reviewing these products:

Feel free to send me a link if you’ve written up anything about them that I should link to.