Back on the Road Again

Blogging’s been light because this part of March is the heart of the conference season for me, usually stretching for a few exhausting weeks on the road. My new goal this year was to take it a little easier, pace myself better, get more sleep and exercise, and then try to make the things I do participate in get enough focus that they’re done well.

That seems to be working out, especially as I come back to SXSW for the first time in years. Some nice mentions in Wired talking about my Battledecks presentation (see also a video clip which captures most of the presentation), both Valleywag and CNet talking about this year’s amazingly-successful kickball game, and a reallyamusing bunch of conversations on Twitter that show just how much people like a pithy soundbite when participating in a panel. It’s been fun seeing everybody in person, but I can’t say I’m not ready to go home.