Mayor Mike's Not Wearing His Pajamas

Today Newtalk, a site dedicated to substantive political discussions, hosted a conversation asking “Is it possible to fix government?“. In his response to host Philip Howard, NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg reveals that it’s his first time responding to a conversation online:

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this discussion, Philip. This is my first time participating in an online discussion, but I can assure you I am not at home wearing my pajamas. This is a great group, the kind of crowd I’d enjoy having over for dinner. So I’m just going to pretend that we’re all sitting around a big table. I always learn something when I break bread with diverse groups of talented people, and I expect this conversation will be no different.

It’s a little bit depressing that, more than ten years after blogging’s taken off, even some of the most prominent politicians in the country still think bloggers are folks at home in their pajamas. But I will take it as a sign of at least a little progress that Newtalk is a Movable Type Community Solution site, so maybe indirectly my day job helped Mayor Mike make his first steps online.