Right now I am here, but soon I may be somewhere near you! Let’s see where I’ve been lately, and where I’m going to be:

Across the internets, Choire asked a ridiculous question of mine to Wendy and Lisa when he interviewed them for the LA Times. Michaelangelo picked this up on Idolator, and I think my work is done here.

Absurdly, an offhand comment about Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City who likes to mock people for being “too cosmopolitan”, got quoted on the Playboy blog. Did you know Playboy has a blog?

And my presentation from the Mediabistro Circus back in May is now available on video, confirming once again that it’s incredibly painful to watch oneself on video.

I’m also looking forward to a bunch of upcoming events.

  • I’m proud to have helped out a little bit with Web 2.0 Expo New York. Frankly, we have an amazing tech scene here in NYC (Six Apart is hiring!) and we haven’t done enough to get recognition for it from the tech world at large. That’s why I’m quoted on the Expo site saying, “Well, it’s about time.” Heh.
  • Next weekend in Las Vegas, I’ll be joining Chris Alden, our CEO at Six Apart, in a keynote presentation at Blog World Expo. If you’ll be there Saturday morning, come see us, or find me at the event before or after.
  • Finally, next month, I’ll be in Greensboro, North Carolina for ConvergeSouth. I am sure there will be many interesting things to do and see there, but my first priority is to get some barbeque. I’m sure y’all understand.