Whoa Unto Thee

Whoa Is (Not) Me is a site that’s a little over a year old, dedicated to defending the career and reputation of Keanu Reeves. It is distinguished from other Keanu fansites by a number of traits, including that it is “possibly the first Keanu fansite in existence without his name in the title”. The site’s mission statement articulates the challenge facing its community:

Our vision is for there to come a time when the announcement of a Keanu film does not immediately draw hundreds of mockers and prejudiced pre-viewing comments; when the success of one of his films is not solely credited to other cast and crew members and the failure of one of his films not solely blamed on him; when people can acknowledge that he has talent comparable at least to that of the average actor and a filmography that far outshines many; when there is finally no longer a need for this website and we can retire with the satisfaction of knowing that, perhaps, we made a difference somewhere.

The site FAQ also answers some pertinent questions, such as whether the entire WINM site is an elaborate satire, designed to mock Keanu. The answer, of course, is no: “No, it’s not. We’re all fans here. We’re not engaging in some elaborate exercise in extreme sarcasm. Really. We’re not. Please stop sending us hate mail accusing us of being anti-Keanu. It breaks our hearts.”