I have to admit, I was a little bit gobsmacked when I saw that our little nerd world is becoming so mainstream that Jimmy Fallon had a gadget blogger featured on his show the other night — and it wasn’t even for an iPhone launch! Now, I believe Mr. Fallon is genuinely a geek (and I know Questlove is), but it still seems a little bit… off.

And I realized that part of the issue is that I’m not sure gadget blogs are the best representative of the world of true geekery. However, I realize this might be my own hubris, so I decided that if I can’t beat ’em, I’ll join ’em. Here, then, is my first-ever attempt at creating EXCLUSIVE UNBOXING FOOTAGE for the gadgetosphere: The Advair inhaler!

EXCLUSIVE: Unboxing the Advair

I’ll update with an Amazon affiliate link where you buy this product as soon as GlaxoSmithKlein lifts the embargo. I didn’t list a price here, because obviously the cost depends on the subsidies with your plan, but under my plan the street price was right around $25.

(Special thanks to Alaina Browne for the expert camera work.)