Ten Years!

While I’m still hard at work at responding to all the requests that have been made, I had to take a moment to mark the tenth anniversary of this blog today. Anil Dash -- that's me!

I could ramble at length about the many ways in which writing this site has enriched my life, but suffice to say that every part of my personal and professional lives has been utterly transformed by the connections I’ve made through this site. I am thankful every day that some number of people read the things that I write here, and even more appreciative that so many of you find enough value in it to respond, reply, refute or just return over time. I’m particularly thankful to the few of you whom I know have been here from the beginning

To my surprise, many of my most popular and best writings have happened in just the past year or two of my site. In my mind, I always see the peak of my site’s popularity or quality having come at some fabled time in the past, but it’s my sincere hope that I actually haven’t done my best work yet on this site.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the inspiration. Hopefully these archives are just the first ten years. (Thanks to Merlin Mann for the photo.)