Lighting up the Internets

A few more recent links/responses to posts I’ve written, collected mostly for my own future reference:

  • Mediabistro published video excerpts of a panel I was on earlier this year, talking about publishing, blogging, ebooks and The Future of It All. Mediabistro Circus has turned into an unlikely favorite of mine among all the events I attend each year.
  • Jeff Atwood offers an exceptionally kind appraisal of Movable Type (We just released a new version today! Best MT ever!), and in passing offers some truly effusive praise for me. While I’m flattered, the credit of course belongs to my talented coworkers who actually make the damn thing go. And, true story, when I was first sent this link, I saw only the URL and my response was “Jeff’s a mensch. I really like that guy.” It’s nice when the feeling is mutual.
  • Swiss Miss had a brief but thoughtful look at Last Year’s Model. Even though it’s been months since the site launched, there has been a pretty much constant flow of people discovering both the site and the idea behind it, and that’s been very gratifying to watch.
  • Finally, Brian Oberkirch is downright embarrassing in his flattery of me. But I link to this as a reminder to myself — my tendency is to always believe that either my best writing and blogging are behind me or that I’m not being critical enough of my own work, and so getting unprompted outside validation that the ideas that matter to me also matter to others is really inspiring.

Okay, back to work!