Out and About (Again!)

Just a few weeks ago I made a list of some places that I’m speaking or appearing in the coming weeks and months, and here’s an update on a few of those. I hope folks will come up and say hi, or find time for a conversation, if you plan on being at any of these events. (And a special thanks to Clay Shirky; having a chance to speak with his ITP class on Friday night was inspiring and invigorating, making all these other presentations something I’m really looking forward to.)

  • Tonight! The NY Tech Meetup. After six years, I’m finally doing my first-ever presentation of an app at the Tech Meetup, unveiling ThinkTank as an introduction to the mission of Expert Labs. If you can’t make it, this TechPresident interview I did with Nancy Scola should give you an idea of why I’m so excited.
  • Twitter’s “Chirp” developer conference on April 14 in San Francisco. We’ll be talking about how to use platforms like Twitter as a power for social good, and I couldn’t be more delighted to be a voice for that concept. (Psst… I might be doing some improvisational presentationizing at Chirp as well.)
  • Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored conference, April 21 in NYC. Finally, you get to see me and Ashton at the same event. Magical and revolutionary!
  • I’ll be speaking at the USA India Business Summit in Atlanta on May 10-11. This one’s really a change of pace for me, but I’m really optimistic about this new event providing a much-needed forum for a truly fascinating new era of business between my parents’ home country and my own.
  • A keynote at Gov 2.0 Expo, on May 26 in Washington, D.C. I’m thrilled to be talking about how we can bring startup-style innovation to the service of public good, and there’s no better place to have that conversation than the Gov 2.0 event.

There are a few other events that I know will pop up on the calendar; I’m looking forward to Blogging While Brown and to catching up with a bunch of folks at Foo East, though I guess it’s bad form to mention that? I dunno. I also don’t think I’m going to the 140 Conference, Google I/O or Facebook F8, unless somebody lets me know that I should be there. Regardless, I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of you in person! As always, email me at anil@dashes.com, send me an @anildash message or DM on Twitter, or leave me a message at +1 646 833-8659 if you’d like to get hold of me when at an event.