Here's What's Up

When there’s no time for original content, we link! These are the places I’ve popped up lately, or things that caught my eye:

  • We published our initial results from the Grand Challenges initiative over on the Expert Labs blog, including a full data set of responses. If you’re a data hacker and can think of ways to analyze or present this data, please help out! Gina Trapani has also been leading the community in making huge strides with the ThinkTank platform; It’s well worth checking out and joining the mailing list if you haven’t.
  • Alex Howard reports on how government works better with social media, offering five ways that the U.S. government is using social media to deliver services or engage citizens in making better policy.
  • Mark Drapeau also described the three phases of Government 2.0, including the transition from today’s experimentation to tomorrow’s solutions.
  • Both of those pieces were written in anticipation of this week’s Gov 2.0 Expo, where I’ll be making an appearance on Thursday afternoon to talk about crowdsourcing and participation, and how we bring startup-style innovation to the government realm. I’d also recommend Susannah Fox’s list of what to see at the conference.
  • I’ll also be expounding on the topic of startup-style innovation for government at the Personal Democracy Forum next week. Between Gov 2.0 and the PDF event, I’ll be providing a lot more insights into what we’ve learned from our first initiative at Expert Labs, beyond just the data set I linked above.
  • Finally, I was really pleased with how well my talk at Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored event went a few weeks ago. You can see a summary of the conversation on the link there, or just watch the highlights here (though you’ll sadly miss some of the gratuitously baroque animations I’d littered throughout my presentation):