Three Weeks in Three Videos

Been busy running around doing a bunch of fun stuff lately; Here’s some videos with highlights!

The Personal Democracy Forum invited me to talk about what we’ve been learning at Expert labs, which I summarized in a talk called “” which talks about bringing startup-style principles to government.

Ignite NYC asked me to take five minutes to show twenty slides on any topic as part of Internet Week here in New York. I decided to try to defend the indefensible:

Finally, yesterday we finally announced our first public project at Activate, the work we’ve been doing to help Condé Nast launch Gourmet Live. Though we’ve just started to explain the concept to everyone, the fundamentals of an awesome new business and some truly impressive new technology are all laid out in the introductory video:

Phew! More on all of these projects as soon as I get a little bit of time to blog about them, but thanks also to everyone who came out to the internet Week interview and all the great folks I met at Blogging While Brown last weekend. Nothing’s more inspiring than the talented people I’m lucky enough to meet at all of the various events I get to attend.

(And yes, as the videos make clear, I really do have a whole closet full of dark suits and pinkish-purple shirts.)