Hospitality and Process

There are some links I just keep finding myself sending around to friends and coworkers. Hmm, isn’t that what a blog is for?

  • From back in April, a look at the service guidelines for staff at Momofuku offshoot M� P�che. Though the Eater commenters respond with their typical asinine snark, what you see in this list is the extraordinary level of detail it takes to get consistently great service, and how thoughtful a successful organization needs to be to the culture it creates and the communications that shape that culture. “No pointing.”
  • Mike Monteiro continues his fantastic series of fundamental posts about the business of design over at Mule Design’s blog with Presenting Design Like You Get Paid For It.
  • From the always-great Danc’s Lost Garden, a visualization of the creative process. Absolutely brilliant in capturing a concept I’ve wished I could articulate for years.
  • Andre Torrez on meaningful work. Where the first two links are about motivating a team to be of service, Andre’s is similar to Dan’s in focusing on giving a group of people work they can be proud of.

We will build this application. You might use it or you might not. We have an actual plan for making money and we have such low overhead that we can play with that plan until we think it’s right. It would be nice if more people did it this way. Life’s too short to spend it sitting in a stupid meeting wishing you had more time to make something good.

Each of these pieces is, essentially, an exploration of the process of cultural accommodation, of communicating and understanding communication in a way that frees others to be more comfortable and happier. And, incidentally, also leads to them being excited about the potential for giving you money or opportunities, instead of resentful or suspicious.