Responses and Replies

A few nice conversations around the web, either in response to or inspired by what I’ve been talking about here:

  • My favorite TechCrunch post in a long time is Jon Evans’ Scheming Intentions, which outlines a simple way that native mobile apps could take a tentative step towards re-integrating with the web.
  • Shapeways, the delightful 3D printing-on-demand service wrote a deep and thoughtful response to my ideas about where 3D printing is headed. BoingBoing had a quick take on the post, too, and I found the comments entertaining.
  • I liked Michael Newman’s recap of his favorites from 2011, especially his ruminations on animated .gifs.
  • I had a blast talking to Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt on the Triangulation show — I know spending the better part of an hour listening to me ramble is a lot, but I’m very proud of the conversation about blogging in the first half, and hope that justifies enduring this for some folks:

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