Monument of Self-Regard and Links

I sure do like talking to people! Here’s some recent conversations:

  • MIT Tech Review offered up A Twitter Tweak or a Revolution in Online Discourse? as a look at Branch. (Where, full disclosure, I’ve graduated from unofficial advisor to slightly-more-official advisor.) I have to reject the “Best Thing Ever or Completely Meaningless?” framing of the headline, but I liked the thoughtful understanding of the history of comments online that informed the piece.
  • Oh, and speaking of Twitter (AS WE ALWAYS DO), here’s me on Bloomberg West talking about Twitter’s policy changes. TV is fun! (And Mathew Ingram wrote a little bit more about it too)
  • If you’re a regular reader of this site, you of course love animated gifs, since we’ve been talking about them for years. The Content Strategist (that’s a real publication!) jumps into the fray with What the Rise of Animated GIFs Means for Content, a delightfully serious look at the editorial strategy around animated GIFs. A year ago we were discussing GIFs as ascendant, six years ago we discussed GIFs as having finally been worthy of artistic recognition and a scant 23 years ago, they were just being invented. Progress!
  • David Jacobs ruminates on #NOFOMO. I’d shared some of the same misgivings about that phrasing, but the concept is useful.
  • Data on the country club from Benjamin Jackson over at Buzzfeed. I like it as a data-driven view into the ideas I was exploring a few weeks ago.
  • Oh, and I had some fun talking to Microsoft’s Twitter account on they day they announced their new logo:

Microsoft's Good Day

Aaaaand I think that’s it. You all keep on writing, and I’ll do the same, and we’ll meet back here in a little while.