XOXO JOMO! Live-blogging the conference

So, we’re going old school: I’m going to live-blog the XOXO conference! But not like “Hey I’m a writer for The Verge obsessing over an Apple keynote!” or “I’m just going to tweet the two funniest lines from this talk!” but rather, like we used to do in the olden days: We’re gonna try to share what we’re learning from each of the speakers at this event.

But in the spirit of JOMO, the Joy of Missing Out, I am hoping we can do some unique stuff online that make it as satisfying to be paying attention to XOXO from afar as it is to participate in person.

Keep a tab open to this post, and I’ll be adding links to each of the posts about the sessions as they go live.

Day One: Saturday September 15

Day Two: Saturday September 16

Stay tuned as new sessions are added!