Peak Dad Twitter

Hot on the heels of Vanity Fair referencing my dad-ness on Twitter comes this Daily Dot piece examining Dad Twitter. I loved this part:

If that sounds too cheesy, it’s on purpose. Displaying sincerity can feel like a radical act. To say you unabashedly like something, whether it’s Top Gear or Katy Perry, meticulously organizing the fridge or watching NOVA, takes strange courage, especially when you’re young and the pangs of being a social outcast don’t feel far behind. After all of the attempts to be interesting and cool, that permission to be yourself and unashamed of it is what we’re all chasing.

And then! This dad thing goes on even further, with the New York Times reflecting on What It Means to Be a ‘Dad’.

I am not quite sure how I came to be an example of a certain kind of nerd dad, but it’s the best thing in my life, so I’m quite happy that others have found it amusing or meaningful.